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Laser Treatment of Chronic Foci

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Clearing Scar Interference Fields and Tonsils, Teeth and Sinus Foci

Scars and chronic focal infections (teeth, tonsils, and sinuses) can be quite insidious in the body, since these areas of chronic inflammation and infection are often silent locally but cause symptoms elsewhere in the body in areas referred to as “disturbed fields.” For example, a man may be prescribed a whole host of palliative anti-inflammatory drugs—and eventually surgery, for his arthritic right hip joint (the disturbed field), when the actual cause of his pain is an ipsilateral (right-sided) incompletely extracted wisdom tooth site (focal infection).

Chronic foci and scar interference fields have classically been treated with neural therapy from Germany, which entails the injection of local anesthetics into these areas. However, in clinical practice the past few decades the use of laser light and homeopathic remedies has been found to be very effective as well, and does not involve the pain of needle injections or the potential toxicity of local anesthetics.

In these 2 videos (Part 1 is 23 minutes and Part 2 is 38 minutes), scar interference fields and chronic focal infections (tonsils, teeth, and sinus) are described, and the treatment of these areas through “neural therapy without needles” techniques is illustrated. For more information on the C-300 (Canadian-300 mw) laser visit the product page. The NotaSan 4X and AsperSan drops cannot be sold over the internet; please email me to order those remedies.

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