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Why I'm Moving

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Anyone else start to feel bad in January of this year? Headaches, brain fog, increased irritability or anxiety—even experience a fractured arm or leg? [ 1 ] You’re not alone.

Verizon and AT&T initiated a massive expansion of their 4G and 5G coverage in January to over 100 million Americans—almost one-third of the American population. [ 2 ] In contrast to the frenetic actors in the television ads delirious about faster internet service, those of us who have taken the time to research the significant damage that 5G and wireless radiation can impart are devastated. [ 3 ] As many of you Children’s Health Defense subscribers know, in August of 2021, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. won an historic victory against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finding that they failed to adequately protect the public against the harmful effects of exposure to radio frequency radiation and are thus potentially harming children by enabling 5G deployment. [ 4 ] Nevertheless, the billion dollar tech companies have continued to move forward towards an unimaginable brave new world of technocracy, transhumanism and WHO and WEF global sovereignty.

What can you do? Well we can’t completely escape 5G since it has become ubiquitous, but you can certainly greatly reduce it. So if you can possibly move from a city dense with 5G wireless radiation to a smaller town or the country I would urge you to start taking steps in that direction. This website, Antenna Search, can help you determine the location of cellular or WiFi towers, and how close they are to your property. You can also search the tech companies’ websites for more specific information about wireless radiation near your present or potential future home: T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

Remember distance is important. The further away—preferably 1 mile or more—these towers and antennas are from your home the better.

If you can’t move definitely have your internet provider install wired internet service, or at the least turn off your WiFi at night and put your cell phones on Airplane Mode. I am not a big fan of various shielding methods however, since they rarely test well for me and we can’t live healthfully in a Faraday cage. See this video on the topic.

If you anticipate needing any supplements soon please make an order on my site or email me before July 6th so I can get them sent out before the big move! I will be resuming virtual appointments—phone, Zoom, and Skype—on Tuesday July 19th, but will not be able to see anyone in person until I find an office space to rent in the Kerrville, Ingram, or Hunt, TX area. I will let you know when that office opens—hopefully in August or September.

My Baubiology colleague, Mary Cordaro in L.A. offers very helpful information on this subject. Additionally Environmental Trust and Oram Miller’s site, Create Healthy Homes, are both excellent resources.



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