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louisa williams, ND


Why I Don't Recommend Avocado Oil

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Avocado Oil Illustration

Avocado oil has never tested well for me — clinically or energetically. Although it is not a seed oil—it is made from a tree fruit like olive oil—it is much more highly processed than EVOO (extra virgin olive oil.) From what I understand most avocado oil is mashed and pressed, then churned at a temperature of around 113-122 degrees F, and then centrifuged. In contrast quality EVOO is only centrifuged at less than 80 degrees F.

I’m glad to see the research from the University of California at Davis corroborates my findings with patients as well as personally over the past few years. Even though they found a couple of brands that weren't oxidized, I still don't recommend it. Keep in mind that avocado oil is not regulated and is relatively new to the market. It is not a traditional fat and as such, the Weston A. Price Foundation prefers to err on the side of caution. Here is a snippet of the talk I presented at their Wise Traditions conference last year. Learn more about the Matrix Reflex Testing Method you'll see me demonstrate in this video:

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