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Canadian Laser

The Canadian Laser is a therapeutic instrument that can be used in holistic offices or for home use. This laser has an 808 nanometer infrared wavelength that has been found to be exceptionally healing for inflamed and injured tissues. Additionally, the 300 milliwatt strength of the coherent light in this model seems to be the “sweet spot” for beam intensity—not too strong and not too weak. 


This Canadian Laser uses a new black glass fiber optic light tube which unlike the commonly-used plastic lucite tubes actually enhances the transmission of the coherent laser light. It is additionally important to point out that this laser does not have any electrical pulsing signals, which sets it apart from most other companies. These popular and widely-used EMF-disturbing pulsations consistently test as disturbing to the nervous system, and in clinical practice have been found to be particularly dysregulating to the brain and pineal gland.  


The following three handouts contain additional information about this laser and the common treatment protocols that can be done in both home and office settings. These include post-dental (cleanings, drilling, surgery) and post-injury care (sprains, strains, bruises, lacerations), treatment of both acute and chronic scars, and mitigating the intensity of acute infections (tonsillitis, bronchitis, urinary tract infections) as well as chronic focal infections (dental, tonsil, sinus).  

Benefits of New Laser
acts About Lasers

How to Treat with C-300 Laser

Canadian Laser

  • Shipping Information - POSSIBLE DELAYS

    Since these infrared lasers are custom made in Canada, they are not always in stock and there may be a delay in shipping. When you order if you don’t receive an email, then the laser will be shipped to you right away through priority mail. If you do receive an email it will let you know where in the queue you are, and an estimate of when your laser will be shipped. Or you can email, and we will let you know if lasers are currently in stock or when we are expecting them.

  • Reviews

    "It’s amazing, I have no symptoms with the tooth now with the NotaSan and AsperSan and other remedies. Your protocol is incredible with the laser and drops!" – Cristina R., Canada

    "The laser I bought has been not only helpful for healing the area of my gum where my root canal was taken out, but I have been using it on the blemishes and on the cysts that have been popping up on my face during Covid. Dr. Brian Smith (biological DDS in Marin County) also asked me about it and I told him that it was very helpful!” – Rebecca S., California

    “Love the laser – it’s just awesome! Treated some acupressure points and literally felt like I was floating after! Then dropped some NotaSan drops on my sinuses and lasered each one and instantly felt calmer…and they drained afterwards!” – S. R., New Mexico

    "These lasers are durable, easy to use, and a great value. I own two of them—one to have in my office for treatments and one to loan out. I highly recommend them!" – Dr. Jeannie Brisson, ND, Colorado 

    "Let’s all celebrate — but NOT by crunching down on a “jawbreaker”! For dozens of years, I’ve had a molar that “whispers” to me … in early 2018, the soft-talking gradually became a persistent nagging discomfort. X-rays showed no clear-cut pathology but the pestering was real enough for me to consider extraction (by a biological dentist to do it right!) before travels could take me far away from trusted professionals. At the suggestion of my good friend and colleague, Bill Williams, DDS, I tried the C-300 cold laser offered by Louisa Williams, ND. Used as Dr. Williams advised, the results have been most gratifying over the past 16 months. My molar is back to a quiet whisper (yes, I’m still using occasional treatments) and the x-ray looks perfectly normal and I have no tenderness or limitation chewing. Preserving dentition — the ability to eat whatever and digest fully — is absolutely essential for maintaining better health, especially in advancing years. The laser has helped to revitalize my molar and I am so very grateful for this health-saving technology — and for the opportunity to share my experience with others also in need. Thanks!" – Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, Texas Holistic MD

    "Not sure why I waited to buy this laser. I am a cranial sacral therapist who had her thyroid irradiated out 30 years ago ...1 990 ... UGH! I have had a borderline sore throat for decades. However, this laser has stopped the soreness and has returned a velvet quality to my voice. Singing range has widened, and my throat no longer hurts! Miraculous tool! Thank you Dr Williams!The laser has also changed the fascia around my 34 year old tough 9 inch Caesarean scar … the flesh feels more coherent, like one muscle … rather than 2 distinct fascial fields … The lower abdomen is also smaller! Laser used by my nostrils has brought in a sharper sense of smell, along with sinus drainage; my head feels less groggy … (I am in awe of this tool) …!  I can not wait to use it on my clients! " — Sheila Hennessy, CO Therapist

louisa williams, ND


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