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How To Treat Flu Symptoms

The following couple of testimonials help illustrate how to best dose homeopathic remedies in case of the onset of flu symptoms. It should be emphasized that with acute disease time is of the essence, and dosing these remedies as soon as possible with the first signs of flu-like symptoms typically affords the most effective healing in terms of reduced severity of symptoms and time of convalescence. These examples also illustrate what homeopaths refer to as the “malarial miasm,” that is, the tendency for these flu symptoms to wax and wane quite often, and thus the need to appropriately redose when symptoms worsen periodically.  

It should be further noted that both the recommended Arsenicum album 30C and Camphor 1M remedies are not only appropriate in treating many classic flu-like symptoms, but are also indicated for the sudden collapse symptoms reported during this current health crisis. This sudden onset of weakness and collapse have been associated with the effects of strong electromagnetic fields impacting oxygen levels in the lungs,* as well as those EMF’s activating latent viruses that can mimic influenza illnesses.** Thus, having these homeopathic “genus epidemicus” remedies stocked in your holistic medicine cabinet and readily available if you start feeling sick can be an excellent proactive approach to preventing, or at least reducing, many of the symptoms of this illness.

Arsenicum album 30C and Camphor 1M are available for purchase on my website. Additionally, the activated charcoal used in the following examples below that adsorbs viruses and toxic chemicals, as well as help clean up the by-products of inflammation generated by illness, can be found at any drugstore, or as ABC: Activated Bamboo Charcoal.

Sick In Seattle

“Wednesday (yesterday), in the midst of the Seattle 'stay at home' pandemic, I woke at 4:15 AM with a sore throat...Not wanting to compromise my partner I secluded myself and dosed with Arsenicum album 30C per your recommendations—I had perhaps 4-5 separate doses in the morning that became progressively easier to tolerate, and found no further need to dose myself until much later in the afternoon. Then I had no further symptoms until this morning (Thursday) when I had another dose mid-morning after recognizing some cranial/upper cranial congestion (from ongoing detox associated with old trauma), and then a further dose around 1:30 pm. Now, around 2:30, I just had a very modest meal/snack, and I'm 'waffling' between ‘I'm Fine!’ and, ‘Well, maybe, I'm not quite completely recovered - but maybe I'm ok to go out, with appropriate precautions…’ ”

[2 days later on Saturday I recommended taking ABC, Activated Bamboo Charcoal, when some of her symptoms returned.]

“My first taste of the ABC (I licked the spoon) was ‘delicious'-it was immediately calming-and I wanted MORE!!! I started the ABC late this morning before a meal, and followed with a later meal this afternoon with ABC mixed in to the meal directly.  With the foods I’m eating I'm not worried about keeping my colon moving so I'm not, at this point, doing enemas…I am feeling much better. Thank You So Much - For Everything!!!”

Ailing Southern California Teenager

“My daughter is feeling much better now. She’s been resting and getting better every day. The first 3 days she had her worst moments in the evening, when the fever came back strong, but I think the Arsenicum and the Activated Charcoal really helped.  I’m so happy I had the Arsenicum on hand and so grateful that you told us about the charcoal. It was nice that it could even remove some of the Tamiflu from her system [her husband gave his daughter this prescription medication initially without this mother’s knowledge]. Away from the Arsenicum and activated charcoal, I gave her Vitamin C, zinc picolinate w/copper, some omega 3s, black elderberry, and some emulsified Vits. D and A. I also gave her broth to sip on when she could tolerate it. It was strange that the fever and body aches seemed to only come back at night, but then one of the days she told me that the fever didn’t come back until after she had some chocolate … So hopefully she learned a lesson there! I’m just glad that she never developed respiratory symptoms … 

I am soooo appreciative that you got right back to me when I asked for help.  It gave me a lot more confidence in providing the right support for my daughter. Thanks again!”


*Hasuki, S., “Fixed wireless communications at 60GHz [5G] unique oxygen absorption properties,” RF Globalnet, April 10, 2001.

**Grimaldi, S., et al, “Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells,” J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol, 1997; 16 (2-3): 205-7.

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Lisa Lehman
Lisa Lehman
May 24, 2020

Using Constitutional Remedy:

During this Covid situation I had high fever and trouble breathing on Saturday. I had been feeling very tired the week before, but didn't realiuze I was getting sick. On Sunday I remembered my constitutional remedy is a good bet for helping when sick. I took it in the morning and again that night. By the next day my fever and breathing issues were gone. I was still pretty tired so I took it once the next 2 days and was pretty much back to normal after that.

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