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ABC: Activated Bamboo Charcoal

"ABC" stands for Activated Bamboo Charcoal—the charcoal that has tested most optimally for me for years through clinical testing on patients as well as energetic testing (MRT method) in my practice. Activated charcoal taken orally can neutralize many of the inflammatory by-products and chemicals that are released through detoxification, and reduce the various accompanying symptoms including fatigue, “brain fog,” joint and muscle achiness, as well as general malaise (“flu-ish” or just don’t feel well). ABC traps toxic chemicals, heavy metals, drugs, and pathogenic microbes in its millions of tiny pores where they can then be absorbed and assimilated in the blood stream and effectively excreted from the body. When this traditional method of natural detoxification was studied in the 1980s researchers discovered that the use of oral charcoal also helped prolong life spans and reduce the rate of age-related diseases. (Frolkis, V., Exp. Gerontol.)

This activated charcoal supplement has recently been encapsulated for ease of dosage. Bamboo charcoal is superior to other hardwood charcoals and these ABC capsules do not contain magnesium stearate excipients (“other ingredients”) in contrast to the great majority of other charcoal capsule supplements that utilize this toxic fat derived from refined, deodorized, and bleached canola oil or cottonseed oil.


In my clinical experience over the past six months, ABC seems to be the number one mitigating supplement to counteract the spike protein transference from a vaccinated to an unvaccinated individual. And since the fine pores in activated charcoal bind literally almost every type of toxin—pathogenic microbes as well as toxic chemicals and metals—it may also help clear any magnetic nanoparticles in these shots. 


I would suggest 2 capsules taken immediately after exposure to a vaccinated person, at least two hours away from food. The typical dosage for chronic exposures, for example, if you are living with someone who has been vaccinated, is 2 caps, 2 to 3 times per week, before bed or at least two hours away from food and any needed medications. (Please note that this ABC supplement is not on my Vaccinosis Protocol because for those people who believe that these injections work, activated charcoal could potentially reduce the effects of vaccines or mRNA shots by binding and supporting the acute elimination excretion of viruses, bacteria or the spike protein from the body.)


Of course, these ABC caps are always essential to take with you while traveling in foreign countries since activated charcoal binds microbial pathogens such as salmonella or staphylococcus bacteria that cause acute gastroenteritis (pain and diarrhea). This supplement is also valuable to use after mercury amalgam removal, the accidental (or intentional) overdosing of drugs or medications after your 911 call, and to get relief from too-intense detoxification protocols.


ABC: Activated Bamboo Charcoal

  • Quantity

    Powder: 4 ounces
    Capsules: 90

  • Reviews

    "I love the charcoal! I keep it in my car, in my purse … my kinds make fun of me! But it’s been a lifesaver … Also for others—I was mountain biking on a trail in Lake Tahoe and met a pack of bikers who were waiting on a friend who was in the trees with major stomach upset from a fast food place. I had ABC in my pack and I gave it to him. Ran into him later that night he said he instantly felt better!" — Kim H., Berkeley, CA

    "I just wanted to say that the bamboo charcoal has worked fantastically at ridding me of those weird headaches I was getting ever since I got that dose of Moderna in 2021. I can't believe how well it worked, and in such a relatively brief time! Thank you so much for recommending and offering this product! Until I heard you speak about the possibility of detoxing our bodies of some of the effects of the mRNA shots, I honestly thought I was just going to have to live with those headaches forever. Again, I can't thank you enough for doing that research and sharing your knowledge with everyone." — Brieanna E., New York [Dr. Williams’ Note: This testimonial clearly illustrates how graphene oxide and other vaccine toxins persist for years without addressing them specifically through effective detoxifying therapies.]

    "Since you have so thoughtfully offered the ABCs for sale I have been able to benefit from detoxifying from the spike protein shedding. I take two caps in the morning as a fast, then go to hot yoga whereupon after the class is over, I hightail it to the shower and rinse off the toxins that have sweated out of me. It is a night and day difference in my feeling of vitality and well being. I used to feel pretty much worked out before but the difference was never as pronounced as it is now. I feel as if a weight has lifted off of me knowing there is a natural effective chelator of toxins to help me continue my work as a dentist. Would you believe that people’s periodontal disease has worsened since the full use of these shots? I see more terminal dentition suddenly now more than ever in my 17-year career in dentistry. I just placed an order for four bottles of ABC for me and my family. Thanks!" — Idaho Biological DDS
    January 2023
    "I had my first dose at 9:09 PM Central last night (half a teaspoon worth) and I feel awesome already. I started noticing a difference within the first hour! So I'm never going to stop buying this stuff for as long as you keep selling it! This is the best I've ever felt. So now I see why you were happy that I finally tried it. :) It's almost scary to think what must've been in my system that this stuff has already taken out of it. I mean, for me to feel like this after just one dose .... wow. — ASD Patient Minnesota 

louisa williams, ND


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