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ABC: Activated Bamboo Charcoal

"ABC" stands for Activated Bamboo Charcoal—the charcoal that has tested most optimally for me for years through clinical testing on patients as well as energetic testing (MRT method) in my practice. Activated charcoal taken orally can neutralize many of the inflammatory by-products and chemicals that are released through detoxification, and reduce the various accompanying symptoms including fatigue, “brain fog,” joint and muscle achiness, as well as general malaise (“flu-ish” or just don’t feel well). ABC traps toxic chemicals, heavy metals, drugs, and pathogenic microbes in its millions of tiny pores where they can then be absorbed and assimilated in the blood stream and effectively excreted from the body. When this traditional method of natural detoxification was studied in the 1980s researchers discovered that the use of oral charcoal also helped prolong life spans and reduce the rate of age-related diseases. (Frolkis, V., Exp. Gerontol.)

This activated charcoal supplement has recently been encapsulated for ease of dosage. Bamboo charcoal is superior to other hardwood charcoals and these ABC capsules do not contain magnesium stearate excipients (“other ingredient