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5G: Clear Evidence of Harm

5G: Clear Evidence of Harm

Referenced Fact Sheet on 5G EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic field radiation (EMFR), also known as radio frequency radiation (RFR), is clearly ubiquitous in this 21st century. Over 90% of the population has a cell phone, and almost that many have computers in which they spend hours of time on at their home and office. Even among our holistic community many still subject themselves to WiFi, cordless phones and smart meters in their homes.

The following 6-page handout briefly summarizes the dangers from chronic exposure to this relatively new 5G wireless radiation. Please print it out and carry it in your purse or briefcase so you can better explain your alternative and healthier choices. This information can also help educate friends and family who may already be experiencing various adverse signs and symptoms from their home WiFi, cordless phones and smart meters, or nearby cell towers.

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5G harm handout PDF
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Home - Installing wired internet through cables is as imperative for your current and future health as eating a nutrient-dense diet. Sleeping in WiFi, especially in a city where there are nearby 5G towers, may be the cause of many of your underlying health problems. If you don’t have wired internet service available in your area then consider Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite dish, which can be installed up to 150 feet safely away from your home-office. 

The new smart meters not only emanate disturbing EMF’s around them, but carry that EMFR into your house through the wiring. Therefore just shielding the meter itself is not enough; it’s best to pay your utility company extra money each month for one of their employees to come by your house and take readings on your meter. 

Finally, cordless phones generate significant EMFR and should be discarded; install a land line or use a cell phone very carefully. If your are not tech-savvy like me, contact Dave Bass ( for help in making your home a haven. As someone who used to be a home builder and has studied EMFR mitigation for decades, Dave is a valuable resource and will not try to sell you any gadgets, mats, or pendants that don’t work and sometimes make things worse. 

Move - I know this is a big ask, but if it is at all possible, consider moving to a smaller town or to the country (but not near a conventional farm where the pesticide drift can be intense). If you are in the city, or even in a densely populated suburb, you may have noticed the installation of new 5G antennas near you or in your neighborhood. Please refer to my blog article, Why I’m Moving, for more information on using “Antenna Search” and other supporting sites to help you make this important decision. Remember distance is key; the more you can move away from EMFR the healthier you and your family will be. Additionally, the Safe Living Technologies Safe and Sound Pro II is a reasonably good non-professional meter to measure EMFR in your current home or prospective new location.

Cell Phones - These modern equivalents of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day should be used as infrequently as possible. Try to speak on speaker phone only, and keep the phone as far away from your brain and body as you can. Put the phone on “airplane mode” at night while you are sleeping, and don’t keep it in your bedroom since airplane mode may not be strong enough on the newer phones. Additionally, be sure to disable the 5G if you have a newer phone. And although EMF-mitigating gadgets rarely test well for me as mentioned in the last section, I have found that the Safe Sleeve’ cover does reduce a significant amount of the wireless radiation effects so that your cell phone can be better tolerated. Click this link to purchase and use coupon code CELLSAFE15 for a 15% discount.

Travel - Remember, just as with poison gas, time and distance are key in reducing exposure to EMFR. Therefore, the further away you are from new 5G cell phone towers the better. This is next to impossible in the strong wireless internet environment in airports and airplanes however, so try to leave early in the morning when there are less cancellations so you won’t be stuck in the airport for hours on end. If possible drive to your destination; that way you can bring plenty of filtered water in glass containers. The same is true of hotel and conference rooms nowadays where WiFi is blasted throughout—take breaks and get out in nature as often as you can, and try to limit your stay to be as short as possible. 

If you are on your constitutional homeopathic remedy bring a few pellets of it with you wrapped up in aluminum foil and put in the Faraday cage bag it came in. That way your stock bottle in your kitchen cabinet at home can remain clear of any cosmic radiation while flying, and not be subjected to nearby EMFR-transmitting cellphones, computers and tablets in your purse or luggage. I have found clinically that without this protection, and especially when people travel a lot and go long distances, that the homeopathic remedy can become so aberrated that it must be thrown away—the EMFR damaging effects just can’t be mitigated. So always take extra care of your energetic homeopathic remedies when you travel; for more information on this subject see my blog article, Travel Tips: Guidelines for Flying with Homeopathic Remedies Jeramie - please link. 

Additionally, it is often helpful to double the dose of your supplements to counteract the stress from both the EMFR and the toxic cleaning chemicals and pesticides used in planes and hotel rooms. If you are on enzymes such as Pan Energy consider upping the dose during meals to support more effective digestion of eating non-organic foods, as well as away from food as a proteolytic enzyme support to help phagocytize (“eat up”) by-products of inflammation created from these various traveling stressors. Additionally double up on your vitamin C and take naturally-sourced minerals  Quinton Marine Plasma both AM and PM to help replete these important nutrients. Finally, although activated charcoal has only been scientifically shown to reduce the negative effects of ionizing radiation from x-rays and cat scans—so far there are no research studies on non-ionizing radiation from cell phones and computers—I have found clinically in my practice that it helps the latter as well. So take ABC more often on your trip, and especially remember to take it ASAP if you suspect you have been significantly exposed to recently COVID-boosted individuals. 

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