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Pan Energy

Pancreatic enzymes have two purposes: to digest foods that enter the small intestine from the stomach, and to digest or break down abnormal cells and by-products of incomplete digestion and inflammation. PanEnergy enzymes can be taken with food to supplement the digestion of food in order to break them down into smaller and smaller particles so that they can pass through the wall of the small intestine and be used for nourishment in the body. These enzymes may also be taken away from meals to support optimal metabolism and maintain energy.

As a metabolic support, pancreatic enzymes digest harmful cells and pathogens into liquid debris, which the immune system can phagocytize (literally “eat up”). This metabolic waste is further broken down and emulsified through the bile produced in your liver and is then removed through the colon, as well as excreted through the urine by the kidneys and bladder and through the pores in your skin from sweating.

William Kelley, DDS, Edward Howell, MD, and Frank Shively, MD were all pioneers in the use of enzyme therapy for turning around even the most serious illnesses. In the treatment of cancer, the research by Scottish embryologist John Beard was instrumental in helping holistic physicians understand the true underling nature of this deadly disease. Dr Beard stated, in effect, that cancer was simply analogous to pregnancy occurring in the wrong time and place. Beard proposed this “Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer” in a 1906 paper, where he asserted that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes not only digested food but also digested malignant tumor cells. Thus, he extrapolated that cancer was caused by a deficiency of endogenous pancreatic enzymes, and could be treated through the use of exogenous enzymes through supplementation.

PanEnergy enzymes derive from the highest quality of grass-fed beef and pork containing optimal levels of trypsin and chymotrypsin. These capsules can be taken with meals as a digestive support, or away from food as a metabolic aid, or both. Since these pure enzymes are potent and effective as natural detoxification agents in the body, anyone with impaired liver functioning (constipation, bloating, right abdominal pain, etc.) should begin with a gentle protocol, such as 1 to 2 capsules taken with food. Over time, individuals can then build up to 3 to 6 capsules with food for digestive support, and 2 to 6 capsules away from food for optimal metabolic and liver functioning. Magnesium supplements—to reduce constipation, and coffee enemas—to detoxify the liver and gallbladder, may help reduce any detoxification symptoms. Patients diagnosed with cancer are urged to consult with their allopathic and holistic doctors and practitioners in order to determine the most optimal and most personalized th

Pan Energy

  • Reviews

    "My digestion is much better since starting Pan Energy enzymes. I take it with every meal and I experience far less belching and bloating." -  Carol O. Golden, Colorado, July 2, 2020

    "I find Pan Energy helps me fight viral infections, keeps my immune system strong, and optimized my digestion and reduces bloating and joint inflammation. With respect and appreciation." – Sally, Marin County, California, June 30, 2020

    "I have taken digestive enzymes for the better part of the past 20 years, off and on. Pan Energy is distinctly more effective than any products I've taken. I'm noticing my body's metabolic and digestive systems much more in synch now, and I experience it as a clean and energetically very brilliant product. Also, my own constitution seems to be responding better to this climate, the different foods and rhythms that come with it, since I'm relatively new to the Texas region...I attribute much of my acclimation to all the changes to this, and many other, products found here in Dr. Louisa's practice." – Erika, Healer/Meditation Teacher, Austin, Texas, June 28, 2020

    "At age 12 my beautiful daughter was not her typical stubborn and active self. She seemed to give up on trying anything. As per usual we got no help from MD’s, so we tried quantum diagnostics and they found the beginning stages of cancer in her duodenum. Skipping the panic experience that ensued, we started taking Pan Energy before meals and at 3:30 AM every day. The first signs of improvement were seen within 14 days. I found my self crying in the middle of an argument with her because she was back! We continued the protocol until the next testing which showed no sign of duodenal cell damage. We are about to celebrate her 17th birthday and once in a while she takes Pan Energy on her own. I thank Louisa for having Pan Energy and helping me and my child—it is so much more than just a good pooping supplement!" Lana in Georgia, Realtor and Health Coach, June 27, 2020

    "I feel very good on the Pan Energy – these enzymes really work!" – California Patient, February 18, 2017

    "Writing this text to inform everyone who reads it that I was having terrible pains in my stomach since July 3rd 2016. After many tests the Drs. told me I had (or have) adhesions. I then consulted with Dr. Williams at the end of September. I have been on PanEnergy every day since and I am now pain free as of November, 2016. Don’t think twice about getting help from Dr. Louisa Williams!" – Nevada Patient, December 14, 2016

    "The Pan Energy has really helped with my stomach bloating; my stomach has really gone down in size. Also I am much more regular with better bowel movements—it’s a really noticeably helpful supplement!" – Marin Patient, December 10, 2014

louisa williams, ND


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