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louisa williams, ND


"Radical Medicine" on the Wise Traditions Podcast

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Dr. Williams was interviewed for the Weston A. Price Foundation's podcast series. In the podcast you'll learn about:

  • Radical medicine and what it means to her

  • Diagnosis – identifying why the body is susceptible to certain pains or illnesses

  • Why even holistic doctors don’t always get to the root of the patient’s problem

  • Dental focal infections and how they are linked to our overall health

  • Gingivitis and periodontitis – bacteria that threaten our health

  • Dr. Price’s thorough research

  • Root canals – when to have them removed and when to leave them in the mouth

  • Red flags for dentists – how to know if you should find a new oneHow to handle mercury fillings

  • The dangers of dental galvanism

  • The prevalence of autoimmune diseases

  • How short-term help for the body can sometimes lead to long-term consequences/conditions

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