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Don't Get Shamed and Blamed

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

COVID Tests Flawed and Actual Deaths Unknown

Although the PCR test has never been scientifically proven to be valid, it and other tests—which by the way have actually been shown to be even less valid than the PCR test, continue to be used as the standard of measurement for COVID illness by politicians, governmental agencies, and mainstream media. | 1 | In fact, recently the Centers for Disease Control admitted that the PCR test for COVID was seriously flawed. | 2 | Yes, this admission from the same CDC that tells us over 800,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, but despite billions of dollars and CDC researchers’ time and efforts over the past two years, still can’t even answer the question of how many Americans died “with COVID” rather than “from COVID.” | 3 | Over a week ago even Fauci himself conceded that officials may be over-counting the number of COVID cases. | 4 | Thus, the true impact of the epidemic is still unknown and the incalculable damage to Americans’ health through mask and vaccine mandates and economic shutdowns continues:

“Walensky’s lack of awareness of the specifics of the Covid death breakdown is consequential because Democratic governors and politicians have used the argument of the virus’s lethality to justify sweeping social restrictions and with them the erosion of civil liberties.” | 5 |

In light of this incalculable failing of governmental officials and politicians we can get boiling mad—or beat them at their own game. By using these same fallacious tests we can actually defend ourselves from fearful and ignorant family, friends, and colleagues who may try to falsely blame us for transmitting COVID. I know this may not sit well with everyone but please hear me out by reading the asterisked paragraph at the end.** Below are step-by-step instructions for taking the home test safely:

Home Test Directions

The next time you are going out with vaccinated individuals, obtain a home COVID test kit from the drugstore or online and take this test one to two days beforehand. If it is negative take a photo of the test strip to bring with you. You can even take this picture against the background of that day’s newspaper if your family or friends are particularly zealous and aggressive!

If the test is positive and you feel fine do what Elon Musk did – retake the test! In November 2020 he took the “extremely bogus” rapid antigen test four times in one day when he was experiencing some cold symptoms. | 6 | Although the “same machine, same nurse, and same test” were all used, one was positive, the next one was negative, the next one was positive, and the final test was negative. | 7 |

Directions for Utilizing the Home Test Safely

It is important to protect yourself from contamination by the graphene oxide reportedly imbedded in the swab. Therefore, follow the directions below carefully in order to take this test as safely as possible:

  1. Open up the test kit, read the directions, and lay out all the parts.

  2. Then with the blunt end of a plastic, bamboo, or wooden utensil gently scrape a sample of mucus from one nostril using a circular motion, and apply it to the end of the swab. Then do the same for the other nostril.

  3. Next put the swab in the vial as directed and wait for the results.

  4. If any part of the cotton swab accidentally did touch your hands wash them immediately, dry them, and then smear some Activated Bamboo Charcoal, or ABC, powder topically over those areas of skin.

  5. I would also suggest taking at least one ABC cap, or ¼ teaspoon of the ABC powder, orally right away, to help bind any graphene oxide contamination that might have occurred from transmission through the air.

Finally, when you get home from your social event where you were around vaccinated individuals—and especially recently boosted ones, take one to two ABC caps orally, or ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the ABC powder in water, as soon as possible.

More Support Against COVID Shot Toxicity

Acute Defense

Suggestions for “vaccinosis”— the term for illnesses or disorders such as autism occurring after receiving a vaccine — are detailed on my blog. Note that ABC is not included here because for those who actually believe in these shots it could be argued that the activated charcoal may bind the viral spike proteins too effectively, and therefore potentially inactivate or attenuate these injections. However, for those "forced" to get the vaccine and want to mitigate the negative effects as much as possible, the following handout details instructions on how to best reduce toxins in these shots.

Acute Defense
Download PDF • 48KB

Chronic Defense

If you are often exposed to vaccinated people who may be shedding or transferring spike proteins and graphene oxide, or if you regret taking the COVID shot and now want to detoxify, this more comprehensive treatment plan is detailed in the “Chronic Defense” handout. These suggested recommendations can also be helpful in detoxifying graphene oxide if you have had to, or are currently having to, take weekly COVID nasal (or oral) swab tests.

Chronic Defense
Download PDF • 70KB

** I know, I know … why should we engage in the use of these clearly fallacious tests? Well first, only take them if you have to. And second, as they say in traditional Sufi cultures, “Trust in God, but tether your camel.” That is, know that we will eventually prevail against this attempted totalitarian takeover and return to an even more democratic and free country. But in the meantime, protect yourself during these turbulent times from those who may try to do you harm. Especially from those who support “fines for Americans who won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine and criminal punishment for vaccine critics,” as well as those who believe that “the unvaccinated live temporarily in ‘designated facilities or locations’,” or ‘remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies’.” | 8 | | 9 |



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