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What is Energetic Testing?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This excerpt from the Appendix of Radical Medicine helps clarify various types of energetic testing methods. These include kinesiology or muscle testing, electroacupuncture (EAV and VEGA), Auriculomedicine (according to Nogier), and various forms of arm and leg length testing (AR and MRT). In combination with a thorough history and physical exam, and necessary laboratory and x-ray findings, energetic testing greatly augments the holistic physician or practitioner in arriving at more precise and accurate diagnoses, as well as more appropriate and effective therapies.


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."– Arthur C. Clarke

The term "energetic testing" is an umbrella-like term to describe various techniques that interpret the body’s various signals-muscle strength, arm and leg lengths, acupressure points and energy fields-in order to arrive at a more precise diagnosis and effective treatment. These methods have the benefit of directly testing a patient’s body in present time, as opposed to attempting to interpret often days, weeks, or months older radiographs and laboratory tests. “In vivo”* energetic testing can greatly augment these static tests, as well as the standard diagnostic office procedures (a thorough history and exam), thereby helping the doctor or practitioner arrive at a more specific and personalized treatment. For example, through effective energetic testing measurements, it can be determined exactly which nutritional supplements a patient needs-in what particular form and which brand, how many per day, what time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner or between meals) and for how long. In other cases, energetic testing can help in determining important dental referrals-when it’s appropriate to remove mercury amalgam fillings, whether to replace a suspected toxic crown, and when to suggest the need for cavitation surgery.

* as opposed to in vitro that means "within a glass or observable in a test tube," in vivo means "within the living body."

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Danny W
Danny W
Sep 07, 2021

Loved readding this thank you

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