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The Castor Oil Pack

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Mentioning "castor oil" usually conjures up memories, or at least images, of a very unpleasant home remedy once used to aggressively purge the intestines. However, external use of high quality and properly processed castor oil had been used in traditional cultures for centuries to treat numerous ailments. So revered was the oil of the castor bean in medieval Europe that it was referred to as the "Palma Christi."

More recently (in the last 60-70 years) the use of high quality castor oil used as an external pack over the area of the liver and gall bladder has proven to be one of the most effective adjunctive therapies in a liver and gall bladder cleanse program, thanks largely to Edgar Cayce. Personally, I would never embark on a cleansing regime without the packs.

The packs warm the liver and gall bladder and help to melt the congealed bile and other congested wastes. This old material can then begin to flow and flush out. I like the image of a frozen river melting and flowing with the return of warm weather in the spring.

Dr. Williams’ Castor Oil Packs – Easy Directions

  1. Pour organic castor oil on a wool or flannel cloth. You don’t need much—just 1 to 2 silver dollar’s worth (2 to 6 Tablespoons or so)—that is, just enough to moisten the middle of the cloth (do not saturate the cloth—this is not necessary and too messy!). (You can cut the big wool flannel cloth in 4 pieces so you don’t have to wash them so often …)

  2. Next place the cloth over the organs you are treating (e.g., liver and gut). Note: It is best to begin with treating both the liver and the gut at the same time—therefore, 2 flannel cloths are needed, 1 on each organ. illustration. Put a towel over these 2 cloths. I don’t find that adding a hot water bottle over the pack is appropriate; the body’s natural heat is sufficient. Then watch tv or read for 30 to 40 minutes (or even 20 minutes when recuperating from illness/surgery, etc.). This shorter pack treatment time prevents the reabsorption of toxins that can get stimulated through the action of the castor oil. After use, wash the cloth with towels or sheets (not clothes—the oil can stain) for the next treatment.

  3. Most individuals begin with a castor oil pack on the designated organ 1 to 2 evenings a week; however, with acute pain or dysfunction these packs can be applied 2 times a day or more. Continue utilizing these packs for weeks or months, depending on your symptoms.

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