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Sandrine’s Experience on her Constitutional Remedy

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I received this email on July 15 and have Sandrine Perez's permission to reprint it! She provided the photo of herself sun-kissed and relaxed in her birthday suit celebrating 55 the next day.

Dear Louisa, 

I wanted to write this testimonial as I’m on a plane traveling to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with my mother! I’ve been reflecting on my life, as I often do when I celebrate a birthday, and want to share that I feel deeply blessed. Since I’ve been on the latest constitutional homeopathic remedy you prescribed to me, I have seen a dramatic change in every aspect of my life and can say without hesitation that I am now living my best life at 55. I have never felt such a deep-rooted sense of peace, and my self-care has increased considerably. My life feels balanced, full, productive and meaningful. I am overjoyed to experience a consistent sense of contentment in a way I really never have before.

While it took us some trial and error over a few months, it is very clear to me that I am on the correct remedy now. Third time’s the charm?! The first remedy you prescribed was before you’d had some additional training that you described as having allowed you to fine tune the process, and then my main complaint shifted. I felt quite profoundly depressed as we were ordered to stay-at-home. As you know, I live and work at home alone, and the social isolation had a very negative impact on me. I felt like life wasn’t worth living. We did another interview and you prescribed a new remedy. I found the interview process to be fascinating and actually therapeutic in and of itself. I found that recounting so many detailed memories that I had readily available to me was healing. I appreciate your support and care during our interview process. At our one month follow up, you decided that wasn’t the correct remedy based on what I reported and on your second look at our first interview … and you sent another one.

The difference in my sense of well-being is remarkable. Having been on the 2 other constitutional remedies before this one, it is very clear to me that those weren’t correct. I would have rated my experience of depression around the onset of the quarantine as an 8 out of 10 and would say I am not experiencing depression at all now, despite the fact that life has become increasingly restricted in fundamental ways. 

My home reflects my new sense of contentment in that it is organized and orderly in a way that I haven’t prioritized since I moved in 3 years ago. I’ve started to create a garden and have blueberries, elderberries, huckleberries and cranberries planted. I also have a raised bed full of vegetables! I have reprioritized the way I spend my time, and have been spending a lot less time online and am outdoors daily. While I was eating a Wise Traditions diet already, I am now taking the time to prepare much more satisfying meals. For example, instead of opening a can of sardines, I’ll make a salad with many ingredients and fermented salad dressing that the sardines are added to. I feel like I have much more energy for the projects I’d procrastinated about, and am completing them. My therapist and I have remarked that while it appears that the shift has happened quickly, it was really more about me having had all of the skills previously, and just held back. It was as though I was somehow in quicksand, and not able to step out of it before the remedy. I’ve been in therapy fairly consistently for most of my adult life, and being on the correct constitutional remedy feels like I’ve moved leaps and bounds in terms of my sense of health and healing on every level. 

Thank you so, so very much for your time and effort … and commitment to finding the correct remedy. This has been an invaluable gift, and I am deeply grateful to you! I write this testimonial in the hopes that it may inspire others to consider being assessed for their constitutional remedy, especially when all their health and healing efforts haven’t quite gotten them to where they hope to be. This has been absolutely life changing for me!

My Note on this New System

This "Fly Trapped in Amber" photo below is a good example of the disease-producing distortion pattern imbedded in our unconscious minds since childhood.

The conscious mind in our frontal cortex controls thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and allows us to speak coherently. 

The unconscious mind in the rest of our brain controls our automatic functions—breathing, heart beat, digestion, metabolism, and so forth. Despite this amazing precision in keeping our bodies balanced and regulated every millisecond of every day, the unconscious mind is very non-sequential and quite different from our linear conscious mind. In fact, the images in our unconscious minds are like a jumbled-up jigsaw puzzle. Similar to our dreams where in one scene we are in the house we grew up in and in the next we are suddenly in some castle in Scotland, the unconscious mind is made up of non-consecutive, random images and experiences. And it is also where the source of our homeopathic remedy lies.

In order to access this remedy we must access the patient’s unconscious mind—primarily through early childhood memories and dreams. During a well-taken homeopathic interview the source of what my teacher, Dr. Divya Chhabra, calls the “corrupted unconscious circuit” becomes clear. We then match the correct homeopathic remedy to this corrupted image or pattern that is continually generating stress and ill health in the patient. Over time, the remedy helps reduce this corrupted state, or this “fly in the amber,” allowing our true self to be more fully present and thrive. Learn more in the blog post I wrote: The Revolutionary New Sensation System of Homeopathy

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