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Coronavirus Recommendations

I just got back from a homeopathic conference in Toronto and wanted to publish this information right away. My teacher told us that she has been closely conferring with another homeopath in Iran who is treating a lot of patients infected with coronavirus. My teacher has since researched the common symptoms that have occurred in these patients and believes that Arsenicum album should be our “genus epidemicus,” that is, the most closely-fitting homeopathic remedy for the majority of people experiencing flu-like symptoms from exposure to this virus. Based on this information here are my suggestions:   If you are not on a constitutional remedy: Arsenicum album 30C – take 1 dose (about 2 to 3 pellets) two to three times a day for two to three days if you are feeling like you are coming down with the flu, if you have traveled to a country with a lot of coronavirus cases, or if you are especially afraid and worried about getting sick with this illness. Of course, stop taking this remedy if you don’t feel better from it after one to two doses, and contact me or another homeopath if you would like your particular symptoms specifically evaluated for another remedy. Additionally, if you are experiencing significant flu-like symptoms, contact your allopathic physician as well.   If you are on a constitutional remedy: Continue taking your remedy as prescribed. Your constitutional homeopathic remedy is the most beneficial prophylaxis against the flu and other illnesses. If you begin to experience flu symptoms from a recent trip or exposure, first dose your constitutional remedy. If that doesn’t help then begin dosing Arsenicum album 30C according to the directions above, and contact me as well as your allopathic physician. If you are not doing as well as you think you should be doing on your constitutional remedy, contact me for a homeopathic follow-up interview so we can determine if it is your most optimal lifetime remedy and we just need to change the potency, or if we need to change the remedy. Arsenicum album is available at most health food stores, and on my website Other Support: The following nutritional recommendations are always essential for supporting a functional and robust immune system that can defend itself against invading pathogens during the winter months:

  • A Wise Traditions diet along with avoidance of your primary food allergies such as gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, etc.

  • Extra natural vitamin C such as Pure Radiance C – 1 teaspoon two times a day or 6 caps daily)

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Skate Liver Oil – 1 teaspoon or 6 caps a day

  • Emu oil – 1 teaspoon two times a day

  • NotaSan 4X – 2 drops rubbed over the tonsil areas of the upper neck or snorted up the nose, three to six times a day, to help reduce cold, flu, sinus, or allergy symptoms when they arise. Please contact me for these isopathic remedies.

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Eve Minson
Eve Minson
02 feb 2022

You have to kill the EMU to get the oil. :-( K2 is available in other forms that do not require the raising and killing of beautiful creatures. Honestly, how do we create a humane world if we continue to kill the creatures? I'm a biodynamic veg, fruit, herb and flower garden. GAIA provides everything we need without killing one another.

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