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Coronavirus Recommendations Update

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Camphor tree
Camphor tree

Update on Coronavirus

Because the information and experiences from homeopaths worldwide are rapidly evolving, I am updating last week’s blog post here.

In Iran and other parts of Middle East, as well as China, Korea, India, and Europe, other “genus epidemicus” remedies—the most closely-fitting homeopathic remedy for the majority of people experiencing flu-like symptoms—are being proposed. These include Bryonia alba, Gelsimium sempervirens, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Antimonium tartaricum, and other classic upper respiratory infection and flu remedies.

Based on the various symptoms reported from around the world however, I still believe that Arsenicum album 30C is one of the most optimal choices in the first-line homeopathic defense of coronavirus. However, another remedy has recently emerged that I believe can be characterized as a “co-genus epidemicus.” This remedy, Camphor 1M, has reduced symptoms experienced during more severe coronavirus infections in other parts of the world. Therefore, I believe that stocking both of these remedies will provide the best homeopathic home safety net. And short of ordering 10 to 15 homeopathic remedies for the flu—which also requires extensive study into each of their indications—I think this two-pronged approach is the most effective and reasonable homeopathic protection against this virus.

Updated Recommendations

If you begin experiencing flu-like symptoms, or if are especially afraid and worried about contracting coronavirus, or if you might have gotten recently exposed:

  1. First take one dose (about 2 to 3 pellets) of Arsenicum album 30C. If your flu-like symptoms are significant contact your local MD, describe your symptoms, and see about getting tested for coronavirus. If the Arsenicum album 30C helps alleviate your symptoms, continue dosing this remedy two to three times a day, for three days or more. If your flu-like symptoms are not being alleviated by this remedy however…

  2. Then take one dose (about 2 to 3 pellets) of Camphor 1M, from two times a day to every four hours (depending on the intensity of your symptoms), for three days or more.

  3. If neither the Arsenicum album or Camphor help reduce your symptoms within a few hours, contact me or your local homeopath as soon as possible. Early intervention is crucial.

Note that if you are on your constitutional remedy, you would dose that remedy first. But if it does not help abate your symptoms then follow the three instructions above.

Arsenicum album 30C is available at most health food stores, or on my site.

Camphor 1M is available from homeopathic doctors and practitioners, or on my site.

Historical Note

The reason emphasis is placed on stocking these remedies is that during epidemics homeopathy has had a remarkable track record. For example, during the cholera epidemic in 1849, only 3 percent of homeopathic patients died compared with nearly 70 percent of patients who received conventional allopathic treatment. (Radical Medicine, p. 410) And during the 1918 flu epidemic a survey of 26,000 cases of flu treated in homeopathic hospitals revealed a mortality rate of 1.05%—in contrast to 24,000 cases of flu treated at conventional medical hospitals that had a mortality rate of 28.2%. (Ullman, Mercola, 12/6/18)

Unfortunately, there are no longer any homeopathic hospitals existing in the US. But stocking homeopathic remedies at home can be an important and potentially life-saving step, along with an optimal diet and natural nutritional supplementation, good hygiene habits, and support from your holistic and allopathic physicians.

Other Support

The following nutritional recommendations are always essential for supporting a functional and robust immune system that can defend itself against invading pathogens during the winter months:

A Wise Traditions diet along with avoidance of your primary food allergies such as gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, etc.

Extra natural vitamin C such as Pure Radiance C – 1 teaspoon two times a day or 6 caps daily

Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Skate Liver Oil – 1 teaspoon or 6 caps a day

Emu oil – 1 teaspoon two times a day CHAMP Pro Plus – From ½ to 1 scoop daily in water (GALT, Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue, regulates almost 70% of the immune system.)

NotaSan 4X – 2 drops rubbed over the tonsil areas of the upper neck or snorted up the nose, three to six times a day, to help reduce cold, flu, sinus, or allergy symptoms when they arise. Please contact me for these isopathic remedies.

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Susan Van Horne
Susan Van Horne

Since my last post I have been needing to continue to dose with Arsenica Album every 2-3 days (with successful results) and have appreciated your encouragement to consider using Activated Bamboo Charcoal...

- I was So Impressed!!! - I have had ABC for some time but had been reticent to try it - My first taste was So Relaxing that my anxiety immediately disappeared... - and I wanted MORE!!!

- For the last 2-3 days I have been using 2 - 3 1/2 teaspoons of ABC and have been making sure to keep my bowels moving at least 1x/day... - it has been very helpful - However...

- Yesterday I seemed to 'max out' on the charcoal as it seemed…


Susan Van Horne
Susan Van Horne

I'm writing again today, after a couple of days of feeling more healthy, to report, now, on continuing symptoms and further resolution:

- Yesterday I had carefully begun to re-include cooked foods and a minimal bit of ghee and olive oil in my diet

- This morning I woke early, around 5:30, with just a hint of soreness into my high upper throat / left greater than right palate / nasal base...

- I dosed with 2 consecutive pellets of Arsenicum Album held (with tongue) close to the affected areas above with some relief, followed 90 minutes later by a 3rd dose isolated to first left then right nasal openings at upper throat / back palate....

- Continuing to hold…


Susan Van Horne
Susan Van Horne

- An after-thought regarding my just recent post about Arsenicum Album:

When I dosed myself (as I described) I just dosed with one pellet each time...

I am a sensitive light weight healthy older woman - that dose has worked very well for me as I described in the post...


Susan Van Horne
Susan Van Horne

Thank you so very much for your wonderfully effective help!

- Wednesday (yesterday), in midst of the Seattle 'stay at home' pandemic, I woke at 4:15 AM with a sore throat...  Not wanting to compromise my partner I secluded myself and dosed with Arsenicum album 30C per your recommendations - I had perhaps 4-6 separate doses in the morning that became progressively easier to tolerate, and found no further need to dose myself until much later in the afternoon. 

- I had no further symptoms until this morning (Thursday) when I had another dose mid-morning after feeling a little 'off' and recognizing some cranial/upper cranial congestion (from ongoing detox associated with old trauma); and then a further dose around 1:30…



Hi Anna, I don’t believe in homeoprophylaxis. But in my newsletter I say take the Arsenicum:

1. If you begin experiencing flu-like symptoms, 2. or if are especially afraid and worried about contracting coronavirus, or 3. if you might have gotten recently exposed So those who are really worried and fearful can take it right away. Others should wait until the moment they begin to feel symptoms of the flu or have definitely been recently exposed.

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