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Emergency Constitutional Homeopathy Dosing

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Whenever you feel like you are getting sick (cold, flu, food poisoning, etc.), have a significant trauma (injury, emotional shock, etc.), or are experiencing a strong healing crisis, you should re-dose your constitutional homeopathic remedy. This advice is for those who are sure they are on the correct remedy.

Directions for the Gentle Water Emergency Dose:

Put 1 to 2 pellets of your constitutional remedy in a tall glass of clean filtered water and stir 10 times (wooden or plastic spoon best). Then take a ~ 1/2 tsp. dosage under the tongue, at least 10 minutes away from food. Take frequent doses from this glass during the day, and if needed, the next few days. (Put a napkin over the glass so dust doesn’t get in.) 

If you have a major issue coming up you may need to take a dose every 15 minutes for the first 1 to 2 hours, and then wait a while and see if you need more doses later in the day. If it is less serious, then simply taking a dose 1 to 3 times a day for 1 to 2 days or so is usually sufficient. However, always stop this dosage if it is not making you feel better.

This “water dose” is a gentle way of receiving the remedy and thus allows you to dose yourself more often without it feeling too strong for your system. Additionally, after you have taken enough doses you usually won’t be attracted to taking it anymore. At that point trust your intuition and stop and see if you feel better that day and for the next few days. You may need to take 1 more dose a day though, just to keep clearing the emerging issue. Always email or call the office if you have questions, and especially if you are not feeling better with this protocol.

Exceptions to the Constitutional Remedy Emergency Dose:

In certain cases when the acute stress is so significant, an acute homeopathic remedy may be indicated for a brief period. For example, if you have a major car accident, then Arnica 30C or 200C may be needed the first few days to a week. Or if you experience a strong shock (earthquake, fire, sudden death of close family/friend, etc.) you may need to take Aconitum 30C or 200C for shock or Ignatia 30C or 200C for grief. In these and other significant life occurrences, it may be most appropriate to dose with an acute remedy for a few days to 1 week or more. Then however, be sure and re-dose with your constitutional remedy after the initial trauma has been reasonably cleared.

For a good list of acute homeopathic remedies see the Appendix of A Homeopathic Approach to DNR [link to book once published on website].

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