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Miron Glass Bottle

The best container for your filtered water is the Miron glass water bottle. These violet-colored water bottles have held up for me for over 15 years, both clinically (water tastes delicious) and energetically (bottles consistently test well on myself and patients using MRT and kinesiology testing). 


German research conducted in 1988 showed that based on the biophoton work of Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, food and water stored in violet glass significantly preserves both their quality and freshness. This is because this violet glass filters out the harmful visible light radiation (from blue to red) that can cause decomposition, while allowing in only healing visible violet light and the UVA and IR (infrared light spectrum) frequencies. Other modern research has shown that not only is food protected from degradation during long-term storage in violet glass, but that this glass can further preserve your water (no mold growing along the sides of the water bottle) and even increase the bio-photon (light) energy of the water.


Directions for adding the best source of natural minerals—the Quinton Sea Plasma—are available in the blog, Water and Water Bottles, as well as the handout that is packaged with the Miron bottle.

Miron Glass Bottle

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    1 liter, or approximately 1 liquid quart plus ½ ounce of an amber glass dropper bottle to store and to disperse the Quinton water.

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louisa williams, ND


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