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I'm writing again today, after a couple of days of feeling more healthy, to report, now, on continuing symptoms:

- Yesterday I had carefully begun to re-include cooked foods and a minimal bit of ghee and olive oil in my diet

- This morning I woke early, around 5:30, with just a hint of soreness into high upper throat / left greater than right palate / nasal base...

- I dosed with 2 consecutive pellets of Arsenicum Album with some relief, followed 90 minutes later by a 3rd dose isolated to first left then right nasal openings at upper throat / back palate....

- Allowing the 3rd dose to take effect, I sense the initial opening and clearing of my upper left naso / cranial passages...!!!

- Now, maybe 20 minutes later, a forth pellet held on tongue to mid upper palate just left of midline seems to be opening my left orbital drainage - into my belly...

- This feels like it may max out my tolerance for now...

- I've been doing cleansing practices for many years - the evolving self treatment sequence that I have just described may be more than most people can tolerate... - Best to take it one step at a time, self-assessing one's own tolerance at each step....

Recently my 90+ year old marginally healthy mother with well medicated heart and diabetes issues woke up, sat down, and said to me "I think I've got it..." - "It just doesn't feel right when I breathe...." I had the recommended homeopathics in the car and gave her 3 pellets of Arsenicum 30C under her tongue - She progressed rapidly to feeling fine within 30 - 60 minutes.

- Later in the afternoon she called to tell me that she was not feeling well and was hungry.

I told her to take another 3 pellets and not eat for at least a half hour.

I returned to her house with a snack and fixed her dinner.  By the time I had cleaned up and was leaving she was feeling fine...

- She's now had no further symptoms for 2+ full days...!!! - I think she's over it!!!

Susan Van Horne

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