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Walkabout Australian Emu Oil

The Australian emu (ostrich-like) omnivorous bird has survived on earth between 60-100 million years. It has the unique capability of storing nutrition and energy in its fat for when it is needed most: during drought, food and water shortages and the reproduction phase of each season. This Walkabout Emu Oil is sourced directly from these Australian birds (US emu oil can be highly processed) and is 100% pure—nothing is added and nothing is taken out. Emu oil is the highest natural source of vitamin K2 MK-4, the most potent and nutritionally important form of K2. Our more robust ancestors ate this nutrient  in abundance, but it is greatly lacking in our modern diets. Dr. Weston A. Price found this fat-soluble vitamin so vital to health that he termed it “Activator-X.” In fact, it is so crucial to our health and development that in utero the placenta blocks other forms of fat-soluble K2 from entering the fetus (MK-6, MK7), and only allows in this essential vitamin K2 MK4 form. In addition to the vitamin K2 MK4, emu oil also contains vitamin K1, A, E, D, carotenoids, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), polyphenols and other substances.

Numerous studies have shown that pure emu oil can reduce inflammation in the gut and brain and quench oxidative stress in the body, and that it can repair and restore the gut and actually increase the level of circulating digestive enzymes. It further can protect against mercury and other heavy metal toxicity by activating detoxification pathways and glutathione levels. Vitamin K2 MK-4 additionally helps fuel our mitochondria to improve cellular and metabolic functioning.

According to Sylvia Onusic, PhD, “…research on the vitamin K2 family has exploded in the last decade. Scientists now know that MK-4 is the most important of the MK’s and is responsible for many life-sustaining processes. It is the bioactive form of the vitamin at work on the genetic and metabolic level.”

As Dr. Weston A. Price recommended, fat-soluble vitamins work best synergistically. So many of us take this Walkabout Emu Oil (typically 1 to 2 teaspoons) at breakfast at the same time we dose our Fermented Cod or Skate Liver Oil (typically 1/2 to 1 teaspoon) and our grass fed butter or Goat Ghee on our gluten-free toast or in our (overnight soaked) oatmeal or porridge, to receive our full and balanced complement of fat-soluble A, D, E, and K2 vitamins. 


Approximately 1 teaspoon of the Walkabout Emu Oil liquid equals 4 Walkabout Emu Oil capsules.

Walkabout Australian Emu Oil

  • Quantity

    100 capsules or 4 ounces

  • Reviews

    "Wanted to let you know that the trigger finger I was experiencing on my right ring finger is completely gone. I really attribute it to the emu oil. Just a year ago, I was thinking I might have to give up bodywork because of it. Thank you! All the best." – Licensed Massage Therapist in Seattle 

louisa williams, ND


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