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The 5 Post-Cavitation Surgery Days

The decision whether to pull a tooth is a very important – and a very permanent – one. It therefore requires the active participation of those involved in this decision-making: the educated patient, the holistic physician/practitioner, and the biological (holistic) dentist.

After careful examination and discussion, if a tooth extraction (or surgery of a former extraction site) is deemed truly necessary, patients can greatly enhance their chances of a positive outcome by adhering closely to the pre- and post-surgery protocols outlined in this illustrated booklet.

The 5 Post-Cavitation Surgery Days

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  • Reviews

    "My surgery date is on November 28 and I am so grateful for your protocol and the laser. I brought the laser to my naturopath who loved it, and she was able to successfully do neural therapy on many scars in my jaw and neck without injections. I will bring it to my dentist also as I am having the pre-surgical injections this coming Wednesday. Thanks so much!" –Massachuests Cavitation Surgery Patient, November 27, 2018

    "Had my follow up with my dentist yesterday to remove the stitches. He was shocked at how it was completely healed, no redness or inflammation!! I told him that I follow your protocol. Told his assistant also. Maybe now they will start recommending it to their patients. He said he had never seen healing this fast. He even asked, “we just did this a week ago?” He gave me an A+ for healing." – Florida Holistic Health Activist, November 27, 2018

    "This protocol is awesome. It is helping with easing the anxiety knowing there is so much I can do pre and post op. My dentist recommended this …" – Pre-Cavitation Surgery Patient, June 10, 2016

    "I need to thank you for your e-book. I believe it’s the only thing that has been able to really help make a difference in getting me stronger, as well as making, I believe, the Cavitation area a bit smaller. Will find that out soon. But if nothing else it’s lowered some of the pain levels, to which I feel I owe you my life. That sounds l