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The 5 Post-Cavitation Dental Surgery Healing Days Package

The following group of supplements, based on The 5 Post-Cavitation Surgery Days: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Guide to Complete Healing After Dental Surgery, has been compiled to last approximately 2 weeks before surgery, during the 5-day intense post-surgery period, and a few weeks or more afterwards. This package saves busy individuals time in calculating the number of products they will need, and further provides a discount group price; a $10.50 savings. This package also includes one set of Acupatches.

Sorry, no substitutions allowed. Note that the suggested post-surgery Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Fermented Skate Liver Oil, Emu Oil, and the Goat Ghee, are not included in this package.

Regarding the NotaSan 4X and AsperSan 4X Isopathic Remedies:

Please note that the 2 remedies in the above photo laying on their sides are no longer available. However, a replacement for NotaSan 4X, now known as #10 Remedy, and AsperSan 4X, now known as #11 Remedy, are currently available. Contact me at to order these 2 new remedies in larger one-ounce Miron bottles and priced at $49 each; one each is sufficient.

The 5 Post-Cavitation Dental Surgery Healing Days Package

  • What's Included

    Ferrum phosphoricum 6X 

    Calcarea phosphorica 6X 

    Quinton Marine Sea Plasma × 2 

    Arnica Montana 200C

    Hypericum Perforatum 200C

    "Russian Algae" – BioAge F1

  • Reviews

    "I had a lot of pain in the top teeth located next to the cavitation areas [pre-surgery] on both sides. I’ve been using the NotaSan, 3 drops, 2 x’s a day, since you sent it to me. All the pain is gone!" – Tennesse Patient, August 26, 2019

    "As far as dental experiences go, that was fantastic. I haven’t even thought about needing anything for pain. Never took anything. I’ve been using the laser and taking the supplements. I made the whole trip home yesterday, and didn’t feel any more raggedy than I usually do after a driving trip. Slept great last night in my own bed – thanks!" – Texax Patient,  July 9, 2019

    "Well, here it is 5 days after the teeth came out. Yes, I had my last wisdom tooth riding against the one that was infected and the dentist said I should take that one out too. But I felt pretty good throughout and when I saw the Dr. he said it’s healing up perfectly and it’s been 7 days.Thank you for the 5 days pre- and post-protocols. I was given a prescription for pain killers and never had to use them. I didn’t even get them. Thank you for your support!" – Hawaii Patient, June 28, 2019

    "Arnica made a huge difference just before the surgery. The surgeon told me that I was going to have a horrible weekend—I didn’t! Using the 5 Cavitation Surgery Days supplements and protocol was miraculous—and the laser helped very much as well - thanks!" – Southern California Patient, November 2, 2017

    "Hi Louisa, I implemented all of your assessments. They were correct and I now feel oh, so much better! October 12 I had Dr. Jarvis do cavitation surgery on my wisdom teeth sites on the left side. One week later when I met with a client I felt my brain to be as clear as it has been in 10 years! As you may recall, June 22, I did the tooth extraction (I believe it was #30) on the right side along with two cavitation surgeries. I felt more robust energy within a few days. I feel transformed and am so grateful for your expertise." – Northern California Patient, October 29, 2018


louisa williams, ND


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