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The 5 Dental Detox Days

The careful and appropriate removal of mercury amalgam fillings, and effective detoxification, is an essential step in clearing significant "obstacles to cure" in the body.

The "5 Dental Detox Days" refers to the day of, and the next 4 days after, the removal of mercury amalgam fillings as well as crowns, inlays, or onlays made up of toxic metals.

These 5 days are characterized by strong detoxification measures such as doubling or even tripling the regular dosage of your supplements, taking extra minerals to replete the mineral stores heavy metals have depleted, homeopathic remedies to heal inflamed tissues post-drilling, and dietary suggestions to support effective chelation of these toxic metals through the gut.

Detailed descriptions of this important detoxification protocol are outlined in this guide.

The 5 Dental Detox Days

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  • Newly Revised

    Dr. Williams has updated the content to reflect her lastest recommendations in a newly designed, newly illustrated, easy-to-read layout.

  • Reviews

    "When the mercury filling was removed under the gold crown by Dr. Mollica I almost fell asleep! And I was remarkably not anxious at all afterwards and the amplitude of my craniosacral rhythm never felt so strong. The Russian Algae and other remedies are a great support and detox, and I was further impressed that the NotaSan 4X also completely reduced a swollen gland within an hour of application!"– Paula B, November 20, 2019

    "This book is an incredible work. You have covered so much science, heath, and history — and you teach it in a such a readable fashion. Starting with acute vs. chronic, which I certainly did not understand until I got into this movement." – Charlie Brown – January 24, 2019

    "Dear Dr. Williams, I have been delaying making the appointment for removing my amalgams since I wasn’t sure of the exact protocol for detox after reading Radical Medicine. I am thrilled that you wrote this e-book so now I will know how. Thank you!" – New Patient – February 4, 2014

louisa williams, ND


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