My Inner Critic Loves Aluminum

In this groundbreaking book Dr. Williams addresses the influence of  vaccine aluminum adjuvants in the development of the inner critic. That judgmental internal voice, termed the "super ego" by Freud, is a remnant of the harsh authoritative voices we introjected in our childhood. Although the super ego is greatly influenced by all traumas in our childhood, it is especially affected by neurotoxins such as aluminum. This noxious effect of toxic metals and chemicals on young developing brains is not only consistent with the emerging research from the mind-body field of neuropsychology, but also with the statistical evidence of the psychological manifestations of autism and other neurobehavioral disorders.


The twentieth century injection of aluminum through our vaccines may have created generations that are significantly more affected by the neurosis of a strong and rather impregnable super ego than ever before. In this book she includes both her clinical experience personally and with patients on how aluminum adjuvants fuel our inner critic and imbed it more deeply into our psyche.


Readers should be able to benefit from both the self-understanding gained about this ubiquitous negative internal voice, as well as from the implementation of the treatment suggestions. "My Inner Critic Loves Aluminum" thus assists committed holistic individuals to take steps to reduce this pervasive influence, and therefore better regain the exquisite equanimity of a quiet mind and body that so many of us aspire to in our lives.

My Inner Critic Loves Aluminum

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    "I think about the super ego as an agent of 'anti-life'—as manifest in any activity, thought, or behavior in any domain of one’s life. It operates to instill a lie about reality that reduces aliveness or extinguishes it. Louisa Williams’ new book about aluminum’s strengthening influence on this pervasive inner critic in our consciousness is indeed novel and groundbreaking. The recommended holistic measures are essential to help reduce the self-sabotaging influence of this toxic metal, as well as support those sincerely engaged in quality psychological work to realize a more lasting and resilient sense of strength, expanded awareness, and freedom in their lives." — Michael Torresan Director, Authentic Living International

    "The synergy between effective psychological therapies and cutting-edge holistic medical treatments can be truly transformative. In her book Dr. Williams further refines this current mind-body approach by describing how the harsh internal critical voice inside all of us is strengthened by the aluminum adjuvants contained in vaccines. Her clinical experience provides holistic practitioners and their patients with much food for thought, as well as effective therapies to reduce this negative pernicious influence in our lives. Thank you for writing this book!" — Shirley Lee, Retired Early Education Principal

louisa williams, ND