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Miron Charging Bowl

Biophoton research studies led by the late great Nobel prize winner Professor Fritz-Albert Popp of Germany discovered that light particles and wavelengths emitted by cells are vital for communication and optimal health. More recently Masaru Emoto of Japan similarly found that the energy and crystals of water molecules are greatly affected by both negative and positive environmental influences. These new and emerging subtle energy fields of research have revealed that the quality of our nutrition depends not only on the chemical composition, but also on the content of information provided by biophotons provided through light and other energetic frequencies.


The early Egyptians weren’t privy to this modern research, but they knew that their fruits and vegetables didn’t rapidly decompose but remained amazingly fresh over time when stored in violet glass. Today we make use of this ancient wisdom by keeping our water fresh in Miron Water Bottles and amplifying the energy of our vitamins and supplements by storing them in Miron Charging Bowls. Placing your supplements in these biophoton violet bowls not only helps you remember to take your daily recommended daily doses, but also enhances the energy and effectiveness of these nourishing natural vitamins and minerals.


Many top chefs use Miron Charging Bowls to improve and enhance the flavor, taste, and aroma of their herbs and spices. This is due to the fact that this biophoton glass is impermeable to the harmful and degrading visible spectrum of sunlight, only allowing in beneficial visible violet light and portions of the healing resonance of invisible infrared and ultraviolet light rays.

Miron Charging Bowl


    louisa williams, ND


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