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Just the Facts

This book was written over the last couple of years to be an easy-to-access and fully-referenced guide to the toxicity of COVID shots, the highly fallacious COVID tests, and the absurdity of wearing masks. It also addresses “direct vaccinosis”—that is, injuries and illnesses from the COVID shots, as well as “indirect vaccinosis” through the transmission of toxins from the vaccinated to their unvaccinated families and friends.


By following these detoxifying recommendations readers can hopefully return to not only a pre-2020 healthier state, but a level of health Arthur Firstenberg wisely wrote about in The Invisible Rainbow, “a state of vitality that we have completely forgotten…[and that] it is time we remember.”  

Just the Facts

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    It's been said that it's easier to believe a lie that is told a thousand times than it is to believe the truth that is told once. This statement certainly applies to the COVID situation. Day after day we were subjected to an onslaught of bad science and self-serving lies by the media. Credible authorities, who disagreed with the party line, were demonized and censored. Thankfully, there have been brave people who continued to voice the truth, at great peril to their reputation and their very lives. Now we have Dr. Louisa Williams to add to that list of brave people. Her book is a concise, well written, and well documented presentation of what the government and big pharma don't want you to know. Please read it and share it with the people you care about.

    Yours in freedom and health,
    Larry Breedlove D.C.

louisa williams, ND


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