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Introduction to MRT Energetic Testing Video and Manual

This workshop was presented at the Weston A. Price Foundaton's Wise Traditions Conference in November of 2021. You'll learn how to determine the most optimal nutrients for your patients, your friends and family, and yourself!
Matrix Reflex Testing, or MRT, is a new technique that measures the most highly sensitive indicator of function (or dysfunction) in the body—the state of the fascial-matrix connective tissue. It is a relatively easy-to-learn and exceptionally specific biofeedback method that can be valuable for holistic physicians and practitioners, as well as for individuals to use at home.
In this one-day workshop we began with a brief description of the basic MRT principles, with the rest of the day utilized for demonstrating how to test patients, family, and friends, and how to do self-testing on yourself. These lectures and demonstrations were followed by hands-on practice sessions. Covered areas include how to determine the most optimal foods and how to identify a significant food allergy, how to test for the best nutritional supplements, which exercise regimen is best, locating and treating scar interference fields and focal infections, and which soaps and shampoos are clean versus toxic.
By the end of this succinct 4-hour video, you should understand the basic principles of MRT and be able to begin practicing this method in your practice, at home, at the farmer’s market and health food store, and while exercising at the gym. With daily practice and especially by using obvious examples—which is more beneficial for my body, an organic carrot or aspartame?—you will gain mastery of this method over time.

See other videos of Louisa teaching about MRT, and read more about this energetic testing techinque in this blog post

Introduction to MRT Energetic Testing Video and Manual

  • What's Included

    The video of the one-day workshop, which includes the Keynote slides, as well as the course manual will be available for you to download as a zip file upon check-out!

  • Reviews

    "As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) trained in both the functional evaluation and a variety of different muscle testing techniques, I can definitely say that Dr. Louisa Williams’ MRT method is the best hands-on method of testing clients that I have ever used. What I like most about MRT is that it effectively removes both patient and practitioner bias, allowing for clean test results that are not influenced by any thoughts, wishes, or expectations. This both increases the practitioner’s confidence in his or her recommendations and provides for more appropriate support options that get closer to addressing the source of the problem. This method also renews one’s respect for the body’s ability to not only react instantaneously to stimuli but also communicate that reaction to any observers. This is an unparalleled method of reading and interpreting the messages from the human body as stored in the interstitial fluid, fascia, tendons, and ligaments, aka the matrix tissue or the body’s internal ocean which flows through and touches every part of the body. Dr. Williams conducts her class with ease and grace, providing inspiring lessons interspersed with practical sessions that give students plenty of time to practice the techniques and leave the class with training that is immediately useful. I highly recommend Dr. Louisa’s MRT methodology and course! It is genius!" — Karen VB, January 27, 2022

    "Thank you immensely for teaching this invaluable tool of testing and listening to the body. Your style of teaching is so easy to follow and you teach so beautifully because you talk so plainly. I am so grateful that you are passionate, dedicated, and generous in so many ways in sharing yourself with everyone in search of true insight of what healing can mean!" — Workshop attendee, Allen, TX 2021

    "Thank you so much-especially appreciate your total candor about absolutely everything!" — Workshop attendee, Allen, TX 2021

    "Great workshop! I knew very little before. It was not always easy but I do believe I am leaving with enough knowledge and will continue to practice!" — Workshop attendee, Allen, TX 2021

    "Excellent Workshop! A lot of information but well worth it—I know this will help me tremendously make better decisions at the health food store and farmer’s market for my family!"  — Workshop attendee, Allen, TX 2021

louisa williams, ND


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