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Introduction to MRT Energetic Testing Video and Manual

This workshop was presented at the Weston A. Price Foundaton's Wise Traditions Conference in November of 2021. You'll learn how to determine the most optimal nutrients for your patients, your friends and family, and yourself!
Matrix Reflex Testing, or MRT, is a new technique that measures the most highly sensitive indicator of function (or dysfunction) in the body—the state of the fascial-matrix connective tissue. It is a relatively easy-to-learn and exceptionally specific biofeedback method that can be valuable for holistic physicians and practitioners, as well as for individuals to use at home.
In this one-day workshop we began with a brief description of the basic MRT principles, with the rest of the day utilized for demonstrating how to test patients, family, and friends, and how to do self-testing on yourself. These lectures and demonstrations were followed by hands-on practice sessions. Covered areas include how to determine the most optimal foods and how to identify a significant food allergy, how to test for the best nutritional supplements, which exercise regimen is best, locating and treating scar interference fields and focal infections, and which soaps and shampoos are clean versus toxic.
By the end of this succinct 4-hour video, you should understand the basic principles of MRT and be able to begin practicing this method in your practice, at home, at the farmer’s market and health food store, and while exercising at the gym. With daily practice and especially by using obvious examples—which is more beneficial for my body, an organic carrot or aspartame?—you will gain mastery of this method over time.

See other videos of Louisa teaching about MRT, and read more about this energetic testing techinque in this blog post

Introduction to MRT Energetic Testing Video and Manual