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Caspers Syndrome

An inconvenient truth in conventional microbiology is pleomorphism, that is, the ability of microbes to change their shape and size in order to survive.

Bacteria typically lose their cell walls. These resulting cell wall defective (CWD) resistant bacteria are primarily induced through the overuse and misuse of antibiotic medications. Pathogenic CWD bacteria can reside indefinitely in our bodies and cause chronic and relapsing disease.

The acronym CASPERS:
C  Chronic
A  Autoimmune 
S  Stealth 
P  Pathogens 
E  Evolved from 
R  Resistant Bacterial 
S  Species

was coined to serve as a more comprehensive term to describe the devastating physical and psychological effects caused by these mutated microbes.


CASPERS is truly epidemic and covers a wide spectrum of conditions from constipation to cancer, from arthritis to anxiety, from multiple sclerosis to Lyme’s disease. Effective natural therapies described in this illustrated book can help clear these tenacious "stealth pathogens" from our bodies, and return our immune systems to a functional level that can profoundly optimize our health.

Caspers Syndrome

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  • Reviews

    "Thank you so much! My friend just handed me a copy of CASPERS 10 days ago and I’ve been blown away reading it! My son left for college in 2012 and 2 weeks later came down with MRSA – 22 sores all over his body!! He almost died and as a mom, so did I! Since then we’ve been figuring out how to beat it and have it pretty much under control but this book will help us complete the healing." – Mother in California, October 5, 2015


    "Dental, mental and physical health are intricately linked. Dr. Williams’ contributions are brilliant as are those whose work she draws upon. She was one of the early clinical observers and educators who helped me expand my understanding of the complexity of life. Her books help clinicians and their patients make decisions about what may be important next steps on the individual’s journey in life." – Ralph Wilson, ND, February 8, 2014


    "I really appreciate your new CASPERS book – beautifully laid out and clearly written!" – Liz Freeman, ND, January 25, 2014

louisa williams, ND


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