Butter Alternative

This is a blend of certified organic expeller pressed coconut oil and (orangutan-friendly) natural red palm oil. The resulting yellow-orange color from this combination fat comes from the high amounts of vitamin A (carotenoids) and E (tocopherols) it contains.

Butter Alternative is a safe and stable saturated fat excellent for cooking at higher heats such as when frying eggs, sautéing vegetables, cooking (organic, grass-fed) burgers and, of course, popping popcorn.

Many Weston A. Price Foundation members like the buttery taste of this oil better than using coconut oil alone for cooking. 

Note that the name of the product has changed. The photo of the new bottle and label is coming soon.

Butter Alternative

  • Quantity

    15 fluid ounces

  • Reviews

    "I have a very sensitive palate! The Popcorn Oil is the first oil I can cook with that doesn’t leave a taste in the food. I’m so glad I finally found a good oil for cooking – thanks!" – Georgia Patient – March 17, 2016

louisa williams, ND