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A Homeopathic Approach to Emergency Medicine

Dr. Williams briefly and succinctly outlines the most common homeopathic remedies that can be used in acute emergencies (trauma, heart attack, stroke, etc.) and end-of-life situations. Since these remedies do not in any way interfere with, or reduce the effect of, needed allopathic medicine and protocols, they give seriously ill or injured patients (or their family, friends, or designated health care agent) the benefit of the best of both worlds—life-saving emergency room procedures, in addition to supportive as well as potentially life-saving homeopathic care.


We enjoy exceptional emergency medical care from dedicated doctors, nurses and EMT professionals in this country. However, it is rare when this allopathic (conventional medicine) treatment is combined with holistic care. Therefore, descriptions of homeopathic choices that might be employed to augment choices during medical emergencies and end-of-life care are thoroughly detailed for the holistically-oriented reader in this guide.

A Homeopathic Approach to Emergency Medicine

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    Newly Revised — Dr. Williams has updated the content to reflect her lastest recommendations in a newly designed, newly illustrated, easy-to-read layout.

  • Reviews

    "I keep one copy of this book in my glove compartment and one in a kitchen drawer! That way I have all the info I need for any emergencies that may arise in my family. The newly revised edition is much clearer—thanks for this easy-to-read and easy-to-reference guide that can actually be life-saving." – Northern California patient, October 25, 2019

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    The photograph of the arnica flower on the cover was captured by Sandrine Perez on a mountain only accessible by gondola during the Weston A. Price Foundation's Annual Swiss Tour lead by Judith Mudrak. 

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