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Organic Tuscany Gold CBD Oil

What Is CBD?

“CBD” is the abbreviation for cannabidiol—the non-psychoactive constituent in the Cannabis sativa or hemp plant. In the early 1990’s it was found that besides the known receptor sites for the neurotransmitter dopamine that regulates movement and emotional responses, as well as the neurotransmitter for serotonin which stabilizes mood, there also exists receptor sites for cannabidiol in our bodies. This central regulatory network was named the endocannabinoid system, and has been found to be instrumental in neuromodulation, that is, regulation of the nervous system.

What Makes OTG CBD Oil Unique?

Despite this relatively new neurotransmitter network discovery and the amount of positive results reported by some patients and certainly on the internet, I couldn’t find a CBD oil that tested well for me for many years. Finally in 2017 I developed Organic Tuscany Gold (OTG) CBD oil—a low THC hemp oil that is grown and processed with particular care for sensitive individuals. More recently I found a biodynamically-oriented organic farmer growing hemp in the mountains of Oregon that tested even better, and I was able to further update and improve this CBD oil for those of us who require better-than-organic supplements.

What makes OTG CBD oil particularly unique is that it has undergone my PhytoDetox® method in which the naturally-occurring plant toxins are reduced while the phytonutrients are enhanced. Further, every step of the formulation of the two remedy strengths has been energetically tested using my MRT method, with the resulting CBD oil testing out beneficially both clinically on patients as well as through laboratory analysis.

Two Strengths Available

Organic Tuscany Gold CBD oil remedies come in two strengths: Sensitive and Strength. Both formulas have been made according to the “start low, go slow” approach; this is especially true in the case of the gentler Sensitive Formula.

The Sensitive Formula has been formulated for those who are aware of and easily affected by adverse environments and medications (both natural and allopathic), as well as those who have struggled for some time with chronic symptoms.

The Strength Formula was developed for those who are under significant stress—work, exercise, lifestyle—and need extra support.

The ABCActivated Bamboo Charcoal—capsules have also been included on this website in order to neutralize any inflammatory by-products that can be released from the often relatively dormant endocannabinoid receptor sites in our bodies, through their activation—especially initially—from taking these CBD remedies.

Please note that these Organic Tuscany Gold herbal remedies are not available through me or my website. They can be ordered by going to the website however, and will then be mailed out from Northern California.


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